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Offering Superior Finishes for Exteriors & Interiors

Effective Communication & Response

Timely communication is the key to build trust. Our responsive team keeps you posted on the status of your project via phone, email, and on-site meetings. We take complete responsibility for your dream project.

Worldwide Construction Network

Hess Construction and Renovation is known for its network of multiple resources. We have the ability to procure raw material as and when we need it, in the quantities needed. We always maintain cordial relations with all our partners worldwide. Our company receives building material from across the globe regularly.

Maximum Yield for Clients

We ensure that each client yields the highest level of marginal utility as it relates to the finished product. We are keen to help our clients achieve more than what they have imagined. We work for the progressive development, presentation and implementation of ideas.

Connections with Sub-Contractors

Hess Construction partners with an established network of experienced subcontractors to ensure that each core competency and trade is executed with precision and quality at competitive pricing.

Exterior Installations
Professionals at Hess Construction and Renovation have a reputation for executing exterior fittings with perfection. We appoint specialists, who will be in constant communication with you about the project.

Exterior Services

  • Roofing & Siding
  • Decking & Porches
  • Trim
  • Window Replacement and installation

Interior Fittings

Hess Construction and Renovation has over 3 decades of experience in creating impeccable interior fittings. We plan and design accessories based on the theme of your home. We ensure that our services add beauty and functionality to your place.

Interior Finishes

  • Custom cabinetry
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Custom Trim Packages
  • Specialty Wood items

Hess Construction and Renovation has years of experience in creating beautiful home offices and entertainment spaces. We create a work environment in your home and add the latest design accessories to turn your house into a home.

Our home remodeling and renovations services add new and exciting living space to existing homes, and seamlessly guiding homeowners through the latest design and build process.

Hess construction will finish your basement to turn your basement into an extension of your home. Our company is an expert at creating additions that are compatible with existing structures and the surrounding neighborhood.

Specialty Custom Stair Works
Hess Construction and Renovation specializes in custom stairs. Whether our components are manufactured on-site, or in shop or outsourced, we ensure that they are of top quality. Our team meets the architectural specifications, client inputs, and functionality details of the project.

The process we follow is simple and to the point.

  • Develop ideas and specifications
  • Perform field check at site location
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Deliver or on-site build
  • Installation


Planning and multiple onsite inspections prior to and during the layout and pouring of all footings and foundation ensures a successful “as built”. We maintain excellent relationships with both masons and foundation specialist year round.


At Hess Construction and Renovation, we have the most competitive and responsive resources and third parties. With these connections, we provide a variety of steel products and services that meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Post & Beam

We offer authentic timber framing services for houses and other structures. We work with major timber frame providers in New England. This helps us procure the products needed at economical rates and pass on the savings to you through our affordable services.

House Raising

We have experience and relationships with numerous building moving, raising and excavation companies that allows the project to start off successfully and ultimately result in a well-executed renovation and a high quality finished product.

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